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Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts

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The goal of CBUs Bachelor of Arts program (BA) is for students to walk away with a specific skill set in an area theyre passionate about, so they can succeed in the future they envision for themselves.

Everyone has a different idea of what their future will be. Thats why CBUs BA program is diverse, with a range of honours, major, concentration and minor programs. The BAs wide selection allows students to spend time learning about what theyre really interested in.

Each program is specific in delivery, focusing on the necessary skills that give students a competitive advantage in their field. No matter what theyre studying, students learn how to engage critically with the subject and become adaptable in professional setting.

Why a Bachelor of Arts at CBU?

The BA program is inspired by exciting, contemporary and challenging opportunities.

  • Departments like Letters & Language, Communications, and History & Culture are made up of specialized and expert faculty, ensuring you receive the highest quality education in your desired field.
  • Small classes, taught by passionate faculty, give students the chance to do research in their first year.
  • Get real-life experience before you graduate, through the BAs range of experiential, community-based and international learning opportunities likeCo-op Placements,International Internships&Exchange Programs.
  • Study and experience diverse perspectives, ideas, traditions, and systems, from local heritage to global contexts, and everywhere in between.
  • Focus on your interests by choosing an area of study. Work for the government by majoring in Celtic Culture, Folklore or History, become a political leader with a Major in Political Science or be a part of an exciting language revival by minoring in Gaelic.

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Program Features

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  • Duration 3 hours
  • Skill level All level
  • Language English
  • Students 273
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