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Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science

Be Curious

This degree is designed for students who are curious about the world around them and want to be part of its progress. With flexible timelines, unique structure and diverse options, CBUs Bachelor of Science (BSc) offers a three year general degree in addition to three and four year programs focused on an area of study, including Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Psychology with combined programs in Engineering.

Why a BSc at CBU?

  • CBUs BSc sets students up with the necessary requirements for professional programs including Medical School, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy and Clinical Psychology. Talk to anEnrolment Services Professionalabout pairing a BSc with a post-graduate program for the career you want.
  • Gain real life experience throughCo-op Placements, supplementing your BSc with hands-on learning and preparing you for work-life balance after graduation.
  • Limited enrolment and small class sizes allow students to get research experience during their degree, collaborate closely with our Science faculty and get the individualized attention critical for success.
  • TheMath and Science Centreprovides a great resource for first year students. For senior students, The Centre provides meaningful employment as academic tutors, as well as a chance for students to hone skills in their discipline.

Areas of Study

  1. Biology :

    A Learning Environment

    CBUs Bachelor of Science Biology program is designed for students to get a good grounding in key concepts and skills essential for becoming a biologist. The range of our courses allows students to specialize in the areas of ecology and evolutionary biology, cell and molecular biology and health/medical sciences.

    Exposing students to scientific research is an important component of the educational experience that we offer in CBUs biology courses. Not only is research challenging and fun, but it also provides students with important skills required for their future careers in the sciences.

    What is the Study of Biology?

    Biology is a natural science concerned with the study of all living organisms. Although living organisms share some unifying themes, such as their origin from the same basic cellular structure and their molecular basis of inheritance, they are extremely diverse.

    This diversity of life leads to many divisions in biological science. Biologists look at such topics as origins, structure, function, reproduction, growth and development, behaviour and evolution of different organisms. In addition, biologists consider how living organisms interact with each other, and the environment, on an individual and group basis.

    CBU Biology courses span three main themes:

    • Molecular and cell biology
    • Organismal and evolutionary diversity
    • Health sciences

    More than 85% of our courses also include a laboratory component, with an emphasis placed on hands-on activities, skills development and field-based exercises. Many of our labs take students outside the classroom to apply material learned in lectures to the forests, streams and shorelines nearby.

    Why Study Biology At CBU?

    Biology is a diverse and interesting subject matter, and youre already a big part of it.

    • Unlike larger universities, our small class sizes provide students with the opportunity to get to know and interact with our friendly faculty and lab instructors.
    • CBUs biology faculty are actively engaged in diverse fields of research including forest ecology, plant genetics, invertebrate zoology, freshwater and marine biology, avian behavioural ecology, neuroethology and vertebrate palaeontology.
    • To name a few, CBU biology research projects have taken students snorkeling in the tropical waters of Barbados, sampling whelk and sea cucumber from fishing boats off Scatarie Bank and examining the effects of moose grazing in the Cape Breton Highlands.
    • Biology at CBU offers a sound foundation for a wide variety of professional careers in fields including Business, Conservation, Education, Healthcare, Natural Resources and Technology.
    • Graduates of BSc Biology at CBU are prepared to go on to graduate studies to pursue Research or Academic careers in any branch of biology. Talk toEnrolment Services Professionalabout building onto your Biology degree with post-graduate studies.
  2. Chemistry:

Measuring Success

The CBU Chemistry program is nationally accredited by theCanadian Society of Chemistry. We offer Canadian Society of Chemistry (CSC) accredited BSc Majors, Honours, Double Major and Double Major Honours degree programs. We also offer a three year BSc program.

What is the Study of Chemistry?

Chemistry helps understand todays world from a unique and focused prospective. From creating life-saving antidotes to the mastery of brewing beer, chemistry is found in the makeup of so many things. This program looks at the scientific method and the scientific basis of the world around us. With great relevance to other fields of study such as engineering and nanotechnology, medicine and dentistry, food sciences and environmental sciences, the CBU Chemistry program provides a gateway into many interesting and opportunity-filled careers.

Why Study Chemistry at CBU?

From food to outer space, the opportunities for exploration are endless.

  • Students have the opportunity to completeCo-op Placementswith Nova Scotia and Canadian companies as part of theCertificate in Industrial Chemistry, which is earned within the 4-year BSc Chemistry at CBU.
  • Our CBU Chemistry graduates are continuing their careers and have been very successful with graduate scholarships, in part due to their hands-on research experience.
  • Students have great opportunities in all traditional branches of chemistry for hands-on research with state-of-the-art equipment, including a 400 MHz NMR spectrometer, FT-IR, FT-Raman, UV/Vis spectrometers, UPLC-MSMS/PAD, HPLC, GC-FID, GC-MS, atomic absorption spectrometer and a 28 core Linux cluster.
  • CBU has aChemistry Outreach Program, working with students from grades primary to 12 to share the wonderful world of science with audiences of all ages. This program creates opportunities for CBU Chemistry students to share their knowledge and also learn from other students.
  • An education in Chemistry builds a foundation to explore other fields of study like engineering, business, law, biology, medicine, nursing, food sciences, pharmacy, oceanography and environmental sciences.

Chemistry opens doors to career opportunities in diverse fields, including:

  1. Forensic Science
  2. Nutritional Sciences
  3. Refinery, Brewing Industry
  4. Food Chemistry
  5. Petroleum/Oil and Natural Gas Industry
  6. Polymer Industry
  7. Space Exploration
  8. Pharmaceutical Industry
  9. Research Laboratory
  10. Pulp and Paper Industry


Calculating Success

Math relates to everything. Its an incredibly versatile subject, leveraged to solve the worlds most complex issues in diverse fields like medicine, management, economics, government, computer science, physics, psychology, engineering and social sciences. Math is always evolving, pushing the boundaries of our knowledge in art and science, allowing us to make new discoveries.

What Is The Study of Mathematics?

Mathematicians find solutions that others cant. Math emerged from the earliest civilizations, using counting, geometry and architecture. Since then, mathematicians continue to make a lasting contribution to society.

In recent years, new connections between mathematics and the physical sciences have been responsible for many important advances of our time. We need an understanding of mathematics now more than ever, with new areas of application and the development of new theories constantly pushing the boundaries of our knowledge.

Why Study Mathematics At CBU?

Get the right tools to solve problems.

  • The skills you pick up studying Math at CBU are useful in a range of fields like physical and health sciences to business, arts and law.
  • Recent studies show the most satisfying and high paying jobs involve mathematics in some capacity
  • Mathematics teaches you to think logically and use analytical reasoning to create the right conditions to resolve a problem
  • With the application of number theory to cryptography, analysis to physics, differential equations and probability to biology, psychology and finance

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